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Dannysgamefowlfarm.com is a website to bring gamefowl breeders together to chat, and meet and talk about gamefowl.

We update this site "Danny's Gamefowl Farm" every day with the latest updates of our farm, included but not limited to Animal Rights, game fowl and poultry
breeding, bloodlines and history, along with message forum post from members of our poultry and gamefowl hobbies. We could not possibly list here in this brief introduction what all you can find in our site.


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Danny's Poultry Farm  is a free community made up of breeders that raise gamefowl (fighting games) either for show or for cockfighting purposes. Message board topics on fighting gamefowl with long knife, short knife, short gaff, naked heel and more. There are pre set areas for Gamefowl conditioning, keeps, poultry disease, gamefowl for sale or trade, breed history, coops, pen plans, tie cords, and an area just for beginners getting started in gamefowl.

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