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The Etdprog Earthquake And Tornado Data Evaluation Computer Program

Downloadable Freeware Computer Programs

Chart Data For Years 2003 To 2007

Some Recent EM Signal - Earthquake Data

The October 8, 2005 Pakistan Earthquake

The December 26, 2003 Bam, Iran Earthquake

Earthquakes And The Human Female Reproductive Cycle

Earthquake And Tornado Data Evaluation Computer Program
Part I
    Part II     Part III

Earthquake Research Data For The Years 1990 Through 2005

Using The Wave Chart Data To Forecast Earthquakes

Earthquake Forecasting Resources

Earthquake Triggering, Earthquake Precursors, And Earthquake Sensitivity

Earthquake Triggering Processes

Demonstration Earthquake Prediction Program

Demonstration Earthquake And Precursor Data File

Precursor Data Such as Ear Tones

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