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Comments  -  December 7, 2004  -  A modified and expanded version of this report was submitted to the moderated Internet Newsgroup sci.psychology.research on December 6, 2004.  That report has now been accepted by the people running the Newsgroup and posted there.  During the next few days I am planning to circulate notes recommending that interested parties around the world submit responses of their own for posting to that Newsgroup.

SUMMARY:  Medical researchers should attempt to determine if an important link might exist between certain types of electromagnetic energy fields and the human female reproductive cycle, and also check for possible links between those energy fields and health problems such as severe depression and postmenopausal hot flashes and cancer.

       The following is a modified copy of a research report which was addressed to the U.S. Surgeon General and the president of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and sent to them both by regular surface mail on November 29, 2004.  Copies of the original report are scheduled to be sent to a number of medical groups, medical journals, news services, and women’s magazines.  Another report containing additional information is scheduled to be submitted to a moderated Internet Newsgroup for posting and discussion.  That one will probably be appended to this present report.

       If all goes according to plan, updates regarding this effort will be posted to this Web page.  Unfortunately, this Web site’s bandwidth is limited.  And if too many people access the site during a given month it will stop running for a few weeks.  Should that happen people can try contacting me by e-mail at for updates.


Why is the time length of the human female reproductive cycle about
the same for women around the world, approximately 28 days?

A Possible Answer:

Assuming that it is the same, some environmental factor could be regulating it.

       We know that over periods of thousands of years the evolutionary process causes changes to take place in human DNA which make it possible for people living in different areas to better adapt to their immediate surroundings.  Skin color, body size and shape, physical and mental abilities, and temperament can be affected among other things.  And although I might be incorrect about this as I am not an expert on the subject, one thing which I understand has never changed contrary to evolutionary process dictates is the average time length of the human female reproductive cycle.  It might be about 28 days long for women who live in polar areas, temperate areas, the tropics, deserts, and even remote islands and jungle areas where entire societies have been isolated from others for thousands of years. According to evolutionary process rules its time length should probably be 15 days for women living in some areas for example, and 45 days for women living in other areas.  If it is in fact the same for women everywhere then that might suggest that some environmental factor which is the same around the world could be regulating the time length of that cycle.


What environmental factor or factors are involved with that regulation process?

A Possible Answer:

       My data suggest to me that it might be the earth’s geomagnetic energy field.  And that energy field is itself being affected by the sun’s magnetic energy field, the locations of the moon and the sun in the sky, and approaching earthquakes.

       For about a decade I have been running an informal earthquake forecasting program which relies in part on what I believe are human biological responses to what appear to me to be earthquake fault zone activity related electromagnetic energy fields (low frequency radio waves).  One part of that program can be seen at: Data.html   I understand that those radio waves are also often linked with the earth’s geomagnetic energy field.  A small percentage of population, perhaps 1 person in 1000, might be having especially strong responses like that.  My discussions with people who are “earthquake sensitive” indicate to me that women are probably more often affected by those energy fields than are men.  And when the energy fields are particularly strong they can reportedly wreck havoc on a woman’s monthly reproductive cycle.

       My research indicates to me that those energy fields have a cyclic nature.  And several of the important ones are each about a month long.  That information combined with the information on the effects which they can have on the human female reproductive cycle suggests to me that there might be a link between the energy fields and the reproductive cycles.


Exactly how are the sun, the moon, and approaching earthquakes affecting those electromagnetic energy fields?

A Possible Answer:

       No scientist that I know of in any country is an expert in this area.  The following highly simplified discussion of this complex subject is theoretical.

       If I understand all of this correctly, the magnetic energy field of the sun can interact with the earth’s geomagnetic energy field and under the right conditions produce effects here on the surface of the earth.  The sun rotates on its North and South Pole axis an average of once every 28 days.  And as a result certain fluctuations in the sun’s magnetic energy field which are felt here on earth would tend to repeat around the same time each month.  Additionally, the locations of both the moon and the sun in the sky (the sun is less important) affect events taking place in fault zones around the world where earthquakes are about to occur.  Those events can then also affect the earth’s geomagnetic energy field.  Since the moon circles the earth roughly once every 30 days those events can repeat about the same time each month.  The result of all of this could be that over tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years of human evolution there were enough regularly spaced fluctuations in the earth’s geomagnetic energy field to encourage the human female reproductive system’s hormone control system to begin operating on a cycle which has a time length of about 28 days.


       If that time length regulation process is real, then why is the actual starting date for the human female reproductive cycle not the same for women everywhere each month?

A Possible Answer:

       It could be that the evolutionary process “Survival Of The Fittest” rule determined that humans could best survive in a hostile world if those starting times were different.  Also, my data suggest to me that different people might be reacting to those energy field fluctuations at different times.

       Regardless of whether or not the sun’s magnetic field, the locations of the moon and the sun in the sky, and earthquakes are involved, if women’s reproductive cycle time lengths are in fact being affected by some type of global electromagnetic energy field then there are some important questions including the following ones which medical researchers should attempt to answer:

·  What happens after a woman reaches a postmenopausal age?  The electromagnetic energy fields affecting her reproductive cycle might continue to send “start” signals to her each month.  Does the fact that she can no longer respond to them increase her chances of developing health problems such as severe depression, hot flashes, and certain types of cancer?

·  What other health related effects might those energy fields be having on women or even on men?

       Researchers interested in investigating this subject matter should review the information on my 128.html and 90-05.html Web pages and then contact me for additional information.  I have a quite a bit of information regarding the nature and behavior of those energy fields and information on how some of them can be reproduced under laboratory conditions.  The best people to work with initially in connection with medical studies aimed at answering those questions would probably be people who are known to be strongly “earthquake sensitive.”

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