How we as a Nation
Came to be in this Condition
How we came to be in this condition
By Jeff Head
Emmett, Idaho, USA
October 1998
Let me tell you a little story about a once liberty loving nation......

There was a smooth talking, well groomed, powerful man that represented even more powerful entities and their interests. These very powerful global entities, whose financial, political and educational influence and power were extreme, had arranged for this well groomed, smooth talking individual to be in place as their spokesman in what was considered the most powerful nation on earth, though, in truth, as a nation it was weakening rapidly.

The common people in this nation (for the most part) had been mesmerized and misled by many decades of manipulation and information that they and their parents had been fed which blurred the distinction between right and wrong, and sullied the meaning of liberty, and which were now culminating in the speaking capabilities and lifestyle of this spokesman and the manipulations and illusions of the entities behind him.

Things had reached a point in the once proud and powerful nation where, for many, all of the following had come to pass :

* The very well spring of life had been sacrificed to convenience.
* The very definition of wealth and prosperity had been exchanged for debtors chains.
* The very definition of life's enjoyment had been sacrificed to carnal desire and materialism.
* The virtue & moral fiber of the people had been buried under an avalanche of vain teachings & practices.
* The smooth talking and corrupt were held up as icons to the populace.
* The ability of the people to recognize their terribly weakened state had been terribly reduced.

These and many other similar conditions had come into being over decades all the while being manipulated and encouraged by the powerful global entities who were amassing much wealth and power in the exchange.

But all was not completely lost. There were still many people in this nation of which we speak, who remembered the heritage and faith which were their foundation, and who had been taught correct principles despite all that was going on around them. These few, recognized the circumstances their nation and people had fallen into. They saw the truth behind the deceit and illusion created by the powerful, among which included :

* The "police action" military entanglements which sapped the strength of the people.
* That their currency had been rendered valueless & was controlled & regulated by the global elite.
* That the world's economy was being manipulated to the goals and ends desired by the same.
* That the fruits of their labors were confiscated & redistributed to their undoing through illegitimate means.
* That their education system had been corrupted with amorality & degenerate collectivism & multiculturalism.
* The truth behind the deaths of an innocent boy and his mother in the mountainous regions of their country.
* That a whole sect had been murdered for the PR desires of brutal federal agencies and the cover-up the same.
* That a government facility and its child care center had been bombed for political and vilification purposes.

These individuals began informing others who also began to shake off the stupor and weariness of their long slumber. As they did so, they began to awaken to the many, almost common place incidents of the growing brutality and tyranny of the powers which had taken control of their nation, and which was being hidden behind the mask of smooth talking, politically correct influences of the principle spokespersons who were serving the interests of their global masters. It became apparent that many of these spokespersons, behind their smiling masks, were themselves the most vile and wretched creatures, who were engaging in all sorts of sordid, perverted, treasonous and murderous acts behind their carefully-for public consumption-created facades. This caused many in the awakening populace to redouble their efforts, it caused some to fear and withdraw to avoid the attention of the tyranny, it caused others to become very mad ... fighting mad, and it attracted some extremist groups which grasped on to the coat tails of the dissenters to advance their own causes. Many of the latter extremist groups were in fact funded and encouraged by those in entrenched power to try and sully and negate the growing dissent.

Just the same, as those in power began recognizing more and more the growth of the dissent movement, who were promoting a return to the Constitutional Republic which was the birth place of their once great nation, these powerful entities began to accelerate their efforts for control, all the time continuing the illusions, deceit and flattery which were mesmerizing and blinding the larger portions of the populace.

In so doing, these entities relied upon a strategy and method of operation which had served them well and through which they were able to accomplish the more vile portions of their control practices and get illegal laws and regulations enacted. This involved the use of their owned and controlled media syndicates to publicize investigations and warnings by their own agaencies regarding any number of "dangers" to the public. Domestic terrorism, the danger of "assault" weapons, potential for biological terrorism, danger to various "clinics" and their doctors from extreme religious fanatics, the danger to certain "churches", environmental catastrophe, and many, many more were fed to the populace. Soon after such warnings were given and digested by the public, lo!, a tragic event would occur that punctuated the very warnings that had been given. Then, almost immediately, a smooth spoken and convincing cry for more draconian laws to control these terrible events would be raised, and then the spokespersons would work their influence and very soon the laws and regulations would be in place. This method had worked so well, it had become the standard practice and had resulted in much legislation and regulation not in the public good, but which continued to amass power and control in the hands of the global power interests.

As this occurred at an accelerated rate, more and more individuals who represented any threat to the entrenched power structures, or who could be used to make a point by them, were incarcerated, injured and killed through the most brutal of atrocities and tyrannical acts. It reached the point where the excuses and reasons for these "operations" became so incredulous themselves, that they represented a callous challenge to anyone, awakened to the danger or not, to dare try and do anything about it.

As a result of the intensified assaults on their liberties, the recognition, resolve and faith amongst the awakening populace grew all the stronger. They thus picked up their pace and informed more of their relatives, neighbors, friends and acquaintances, who in turn did the same. The increasing growth of this group was reaching exponential proportions and began to represent an all the stronger threat to the power elites. It was soon apparent that this group might not just slow, or halt the progress of the global power peddlers, but they may grow to be capable of reversing the work of decades. As their principle spokespersons and puppets were threatened, along with several in line behind them, the powerful caused and or took advantage of all of the following to prepare for a total usurpation of liberty and culmination of their global plans :

1) Brutal beatings and shootings of the "politically correct" caused immediate calls for strong gun control.
2) Global "hot spots" (Kosovo) caused the further use of a dwindling military force.
3) Continued warnings of imminent "biological terror" in preparation for the standard MO on a horrific scale.
4) The manipulated global economy stood ready to collapse, to benefit the global elite who had prepared accordingly.
Author's Notes
Folks, this is our story. The truth of it is apparent to anyone willing to look beyond their own "professional" and material pursuits to the conditions surrounding them on every side, and to the original heritage of this great land. Despite the claims that this is all just "whacko" or too "extreme", we must continue to awaken those around us. We must redouble our efforts in the face of the ever increasing tyranny. We must have faith, that as conditions continue to deteriorate and build to a climax, that most Americans will remember our warnings as they are brought face to face with the raw tyranny of what is approaching, and that most will then join with us.

It is as a freight train, barreling down the tracks towards individuals who are in its path who can not move out of the way due to their weakened and stupefied condition. We must give them the strength and the tools to get out of the way! As we do, many will join us in our efforts to slow and turn the train around, for at the end of the track is that which we must cherish and hold dear, our very lives and liberties and way of life, and which this train is determined to crush and utterly destroy in its passage. We must do all in our power to slow and turn this train around, even if it means in the end (and God forbid) completely derailing it. The founders of this great Republic faced the same challenges and were forced to derail a similar train in this land in their time. With faith in God in Heaven, they succeeded and laid the foundation for the greatest nation on earth, which was the envy and the longing of peoples all over the world. May we exhibit similar faith and courage and, with God in Heaven's help, accomplish the same.

Jeff Head
Give me Liberty or Give me Death

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