By James Jarrett
Added July 19, 1998


James Jarrett spent nine years as a Green Beret and saw combat duty as a Spc. Action and Long Range Recon Patrol team leader in Vietnam. He also served in counterinsurgency operations in Central America. He was highly decorated for heroism and leadership. He is one of our nation's top weapons and self-defense instructor/experts. A former US Army Pistol Team champion and Team Captain. And he is a highly regarded military/police weapons instructor. After leaving the military, James entered law enforcement with the Los Angeles Police Department. There he served in all areas of his profession, including patrol, training, supervision, investigations, special ops SWAT Team, under-cover operative inside the SDS, Weathermen, Black Panther Party, and Communist Party USA.

Mr. Jarrett is presently teaching and working on his Masters Degree at Arizona State University in Criminal Justice. He is also the founder and director of the United States Marksmanship Academy on advanced weaponry and security training courses. (USMA, Box 30126, Phoenix AZ 85046).

Let No Quarter Be Given
by James R. Jarrett
"It would be the greatest mistake, certainly, to think that concessions mean peace. Nothing of the kind. Concessions are nothing but a new form of war."—V. I. Lenin

The above quote by one of the most brutal architects of human misery applies to any concession of liberty. The present attack on our Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms is being waged in the form of concessions. Any retreat is part of a fatal process. In our suicidal search for a "kinder, gentler nation," we are sacrificing our birthright of liberty. It is time that we recognize that we are at war.

There can be no compromise on the issue of weapons. The presence of weapons in the hands of the sovereign citizen is the only hope of leaving some legacy of freedom to our posterity. Any person, government official or agency that advocates the disarming in any manner of the law abiding citizens of this nation is guilty of treason. The penalty for treason is death. Presently, the laws of the government protect traitors and the enemies of freedom in this country, while the principles of justice, human dignity and liberty languish in the darkness of apathy. How will we tell our children that freedom died because we did not have the courage to keep our weapons? Like jackals, the cowards, the weak and timid in their quest for power, are harassing and isolating us. Each of us will someday face the choice—fight or surrender. We cannot even run, because America was the last refuge.

Do not kid yourself about what is at stake. Your career, your property, your material wealth, your status among family and friends, your freedom from incarceration and even your life are at risk if you are willing to defend yourself from this crime perpetrated upon us by a malignant government. The principles of honor, loyalty and courage are scoffed at and viewed as romantic nonsense. Keep in mind that those principles created the greatest nation in the history of the world. We owe no apology for that success. We won the greatest economic, political and military conflicts in history, and in doing so bought the lives and relative liberty of those who now attack us from within and without. Our right to own and carry weapons is at the heart of that success. Contrast, if you will, the subjugation of the Hungarians and the victory of the Afghans in the face of Soviet might.

Citizens in Arizona are being arrested for failure to surrender identification. "Show me your papers" cannot be too far away.

The same officials, politicians, social activists, and lobotomized voters that have advocated and established the policies of open territorial borders, the abandonment of our allies, the waste of over 50,000 American soldiers in the jungles of South East Asia, the socialist vomit being fed our children in the public schools, corrupt politicians, abusive police and government officials, distorted media reporting, the rape of our land, the poisoning of our water and air, the strangulation of free enterprise by mega-business, the insanity of affirmative action and the arrest and prosecution of citizens for self defense are the same rabble who will take your rights, confiscate your weapons and castrate your spirit.

If you are happy with Monday Night Football, aerobics classes, an evening of wine and cheese at The Pointe, Club Med vacations or any of the other trinkets afforded fat, complacent and willing whores, then depart from us in peace at this time. Continue to lick the boots of your masters and perform the other duties of a prostitute. But know that you are an enemy of those who count freedom above comfort. We who love liberty more than security seek no quarrel with any man. But, neither will we wear the chains of subjugation. Take our weapons and we will take your life. Take warning, the line has been drawn. If blood is to be shed, let it begin here. Should the flames of violence consume us, history will mark for future generations the courage and passing of free men. If the Almighty grants an undeserving people mercy once again before the light flickers into darkness, free men and women will take their weapons in hand, place the point of the sword against the throat of the enemy, and no quarter shall be given.

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