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Seebo is a code name for a Georgia police detective who has started a web site called Seebo "Seeing Beyond the Obvious" where he has included some great original works, as well as great information about the dangers to Liberty. I asked to include a couple of articles here and he agreed. I pray that many more of our law enforcement and military personal either have, or will develop the insights represented here..

Because of the subject matter I've picked to talk about, I may sound like I'm preaching.This is not my intent, but I don't apologize for it, because I have learned 3 things from experience about people who voice their beliefs and opinions.

  1. There will be a few people who agree with you.
  2. There will be a few more who disagree with you, and
  3. There will be many more who could care less.

But, I'm not out to win a popularity contest anyway -- and it's a good thing. I just know it's better to stand for something, otherwise, you'll probably fall for anything.

It was impressed upon my heart to write on the following topic.

Crisis in America

The truth is not very popular these days. Our nation has gotten so far off track that it's much more pleasant to hear lies than to face the reality of this country's perilous predicament.

Here are a few startling statistics that support my viewpoint:

Since 1960 until now:

  • Violent crime in America has increased by nearly 600%.
  • The current divorce rate is near 60%.
  • Illegitimate births increased by 400%.
  • Teenage suicide increased over 200%.
  • The national average score on the SAT has dropped by 80 points.
  • And last year, across America, over 25% of the graduating seniors could not even read the diplomas they received.

One of the most tragic and sinful statistics of all is that since Rowe vs. Wade in the 1970's, over 40 million unborn babies have been murdered in their mother's womb. Today over 1/3 of all pregnancies in America end in abortion. There is an abortion (baby murder) taking place every 20 seconds.

The neo-pagan, earth worshipping, tree huggers, and spotted owl loving wackos of the Lost Left Liberal New Age crowd will march and picket to protest the execution of a guilty serial killer and turn right around and give their full endorsement and support to crushing the life out of an innocent child, resting peacefully in it's mother's womb. This type of murder is now legal through the 9th month of pregnancy.

Our federal courts will fine you up to $25,000.00 for destroying an eagle's egg and give you their blessings for massacring 4000 unborn humans daily.

I personally believe that when the abortion clinic doctor's cold steel forceps enter the peaceful silence of the mother's womb and claws into the skull of a living baby, crushes it, and strips it from it's sanctuary, that a silent scream is released into the Heavens. And that cry is heard by God Almighty. And I believe, as it is stated in His Word that the shedding of innocent blood shall be avenged. You can mark it down that this nation shall pay the price, just as it paid the price for slavery during the Civil War.

Adding to these atrocities is the sad rejection of traditional family values by practically every institution in America, and the acceptance and downright avocation of homosexuality as a legitimate alternative lifestyle.

Besides the spiritual and moral illnesses that accompany the gay lifestyle, we have the physical devastation of AIDS, which is now the fastest growing, most deadly disease known to man. lt's a scientifically known fact that this killer disease originated among homosexuals, and is the number one cause of death among those of the gay persuasion - or should I say perversion.

Homosexuality is not a legitimate, alternative lifestyle. It is a degenerate, alternative death style.

Recently I took a 16 hour police training course which has become one of the most taught and sought after courses in the police profession across America. The name of this course is Satanism and the Occult. This was only an update. The course has been being taught regularly as a part of L.E. training for several years now.

The amount of crime associated with Satan worship and occult practices is much greater than the average person could possibly fathom.

If you have read any of my articles where I have mentioned that there is a spiritual war going on in this country, it was not meant in an abstract, philosophical sense, but rather it was meant to be taken literally.

I believe that the demonic forces of Satan have captured practically every major institution in America. From TV stations, major newspapers, and from our school houses, to our White Houses, lies and deception have taken center stage, while truth and morality are being pushed aside and viewed as outdated and old fashioned.

The truth about American History has been eliminated from our schools and text books and replaced by "New Age" philosophy that has rewritten history to suit the ideologies of those who seek to destroy the very foundations of a self governing democracy, and especially the foundations of traditional morality and Christian values used by our forefathers to form the blueprints of this once great nation. You must look in the archives of some of the larger universities to find old history books that tell the true story of American History. In these older books you will find amazing revelation. For example, you will discover that Christopher Columbus was a devout Christian scholar of Bible prophecy, and he did not sail West to conquer empires and murder innocent people to become rich and famous, as it is now taught in our schools. But, in his own words, taken from his Book of Prophecy Notes, Christopher Columbus said, It was the Lord who put it into my mind. I could feel his hand upon me, the fact that it would be possible to sail from here to the Indies. There was no doubt that the inspiration was from the Holy Spirit, because He comforted me with rays of marvelous inspiration from the Holy Scriptures. Now, I bet that none of your children learned that in public school.

Our schools today are much more interested in teaching things such as Darwinism and the Theory of Evolution, as though it is actual fact, which it certainly is not.

The human race is a totally separate creation, unlike any other species on this planet.

People did not evolve from monkeys, any more than jackasses evolved from hummingbirds.

Humans were created by our Heavenly Father, who is up in Heaven, and not by a hairy father up in a tree.

Scientists are still searching frantically for the missing "evolutionary link", but they'll never find it, because it doesn't exist.

There's much more to be said about education, but the point is: Our kids are being taught information (much of it false), while ethics have been completely removed from classroom curriculum. It's little wonder we have an out of control juvenile crime rate, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancies, suicide, and satanic cults among out young people today.

I don't have time to even scratch the surface about all the sinful deceptions and moral decay of our justice system, the mainstream news media, or the vile evil occurring in our demonic possessed, self-serving, destructive national government. I will say, however, that America now has every single characteristic of the late Roman Empire prior to it's total collapse.

If you check your history, you will find that there has never been a nation that has allowed such activities as abortion on demand and unbridled homosexuality that has ever continued to exist -- and America will not be the first.

I promise the people of this nation that the hand of devastating judgment is soon going to fall across this land. Many believe that it has already begun, but we haven't seen anything like the horrendous events that are soon to come.

Our American culture has been divided and subdivided into so many special interest groups and minority classifications that most of our people, especially the young, are wandering aimlessly, not knowing who they are, where they came from, where they're going, or what they stand for.

Our country has become a nation of division, rather than unity -- full of class envy and cultural wars. Everyone is fighting everyone and nobody really stops to wonder why. The Devil is laughing while America is dying.

Unless we, as a people, can come together united as Americans and produce a moral and spiritual revival greater than this world has ever known, then freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness will become only a memory, and life as we have known it will cease to exist.

We must rise up, speak out, and fight for the future of our children and grandchildren like never before.

It is a spiritual war, and the radical and rapid changes needed will require the supernatural power and intervention of God Almighty.

In order for our land to be healed, and people to be salvaged, we must repent and turn from our wicked ways. This movement must begin within the hearts and souls of individuals, and it must begin now.

The sword of truth can cut through all the evil and deception.

  • It's stronger than alcohol!
  • It's stronger than cocaine!
  • It's stronger than crack!
  • It's stronger than pornography!
  • It's stronger than political correctness!
  • It's stronger than Satanism or the occult or any other power or principality. It can save and transform your life and inspire you to help change the lives of others and the life of this nation. Time is not on our side.

Plea for Deliverance

From the very beginning I seemed to grab the attention of the world. Supported by the prayers of the righteous and showered by the fruits produced by the sweat of many brows, I was indeed destined to greatness. Yes, I stood tall, proud and prosperous. People from all sorts of places adored me. They were all witnesses to my many God given talents, great achievements and high moral standards. It seemed that everyone who came to me became blessed and shared in my success.

As my greatness grew, so did my pride. Because there was just so much to be proud of, I eventually grew a little too boastful. The fame and prosperity that I had enjoyed for so long began to cause me to lose sight of how I had reached such great heights and overcome so many obstacles. The miraculous events that preceeded my giant leaps to victory after victory began to fade as selfishness and sin began to replace honesty, hard work and morality. The prayers of my admirers and supporters turned into cursing, and the gift givers turned into thieves. Even my closest advocates rarely spoke in my behalf. I began to struggle with my faltering sense of right and wrong. Times were getting hard and my once ever dependable strength surrendered as I attempted to maintain my status even though it meant lying, cheating and deceiving to convince people that my wealth was greater than it really was, and my abilities were without limit. When sin and the worship of money finally took the place of respectfulness and worship of God, my downward spiral accelerated.

It has been years now since my descent began. I now lie in a bed of confusion, twisted and scarred from violence, riddled with deadly diseases from perverted and adulterous lusts, and surrounded by expensive loot that I have yet to pay for. Born into the world by the faithful and righteous, I have now become the father of many lazy, lying, self-righteous degenerates who are also lost, sick suffering and dying from the self inflicted wounds of greed driven, unholy lifestyles. As alcohol and illegal drugs course through the corridors of my very being, the remnant of my once solid soul cries out to my people for help.

My name is America and I am standing desperately in the need of prayer. It truly is the only hope for me and for my children. Into your care I submit my future.

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