The Final Incineration and Death of the Davidians
By Jeff Head, with photos from the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum
September 1999 (Updated 3rd May, 2000)

In addition to the atrocity that the initial assault on the Davidians was, with our own government firing indisciminately from the ground and the air into a facility they knew housed scores of innocent women and children (and think about that, when innocents are KNOWN to be inside, our law enforcement is trained NOT to fire indiscriminantly, but to withdraw and negotiate), but, in addition to this, I have also often thought about the final fire at Waco.

How it started and why it burned SO intensly are not the object of this article, although an investigation into those questions will produce just as disturbing, just as damning conclusions. In addition, the actions recorde on FLIR tapes, suggesting that automatic weapons fire kept the Davidians penned in the burning facility are not addressed here, though once again, the damning evidence pointing to the disturbing conclusions, are not part of this article.

What I want to start with here is one of the other very chilling things I remembered, ... the large explosion. I have often tried to convince myself it was simply a propane tank, but take a look ... it would have had to have been an EXTREMELY LARGE propane tank :

I have known from the beginning about the extreme amount of military involvement, both in ground and airborn equipment. That explosion has always bothered me from that perspective.

Then there was the autopsies and all of the reports of the forty three dead (over 20 of them children) who the government testified died in the concrete bunker, when it collapsed and crushed and suffocated many of those "gathered" there. Here is a picture of the bunker after the fire, did it collapse?

From that angle I guess you could say that perhaps a portion of the the roof may have collapsed, but look at it from another angle ... from above :

Nope, the roof didn't collpase. But what about that almost perfectly round hole in the roof? That has always really bothered me. Looks like something punched a hole right in there. Here's a close up of that hole :

Now what do you supposed did that? The looks of that hole, with the condition of the rebar and the concrete, looks more like an explosive force to me. You see, the autopsie photographs don't wash with folks whose autopsie says that they were crushed by a roof and suffocated. Take a look at this graphic and grisly picture :

Can you even tell what that is? It's the remains of eleven people ... all mashed together. Most of which were reported to have died by suffocation, burial in debris and structural collapse ... in that supposedly "collapsed" bunker. Looks more like they were either ground under by tank treads, or blown to bits too me.

Is it little wonder, that once you begin studying this, and looking at the evidence that is available (but not touted by the main stream press), that one is sickened and angry and disgusted with our government and the various agencies, including the military, who were involved?

THERE WERE OVER 20 CHILDRENS REMAINS IN THAT CONCRETE ROOM !!! They were torn limb from limb !!! EIther they were moved there (because some of the surviviors spoke of folks dieing in other places, being trapped and crushed by the tanks as they dismantled the building), or they were killed there. Folks, does it look like, or sound like, or FEEL LIKE the government agencies had one shred of concern for the lifes of those innocent women and children?

A government that will do this, and then cover it up so effectively, is capable of ANYTHING. Don't doubt it for a second. We must all do everything in our power to arrest this NOW, or prepare for the worst when one day it becomes our turn, just as apparently, in late March or early April of 2000, it became the "turn" of Carlos Ghigliotti.

Please, study the graphic and indescribable evidence available at the Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum. But beware, all of the graphic and distrubing autopsie pictures are there, and you can compare them to the "official" testimony and see for yourself how (IMHO) they do not agree or match up.