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Welcome to Runequest Realms! This site has been created by the Ultimate Runequest Gamemasters who continue to expand and immortalize the great roleplaying game of Runequest. This game is alive and well within the imaginative fantasy realms which we have created. We have been gaming with Runequest for about 13 years now and have extensive experience as players and gamemasters alike. Each of our realms contain extensive information about the worlds we have created, the players who dare travel through them, and the creatures that inhabit them. We invite you to journey through our realms, explore them yourself, and use what you wish in your own campaigns and adventures.

In addition, we have also compiled a large collection of gamemaster/player resources for Runequest, but these may also be adapted to any system for the benefit of all. We have found these resources quite valuable and fun to use in our worlds and campaigns. Included are new magical systems, new creatures, rules for high-level characters, npc's, items, and much more. We are excited and proud of our accomplishments and hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer the roleplaying community. Please remember to bookmark our site and return often to view our expanding realm of resources!

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